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Nostalgic Myth
A lovely experience, exemplary service and well organized.

I've been using Qibla travels to book my parents Hajj and Umrah trips for a number of years now. I have nothing but the utmost praise for them. They really went above and beyond for my parents on numerous occasions.

Alhamdullilah they made everything really easy for us and facilitated for everything from start to finish. A lovely experience, exemplary service and well organized by a sincere and devoted team, highly recommended.

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Muni Khan
Umrah Package

Great customer service will recommend to friends and family.

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Umrah package

Very very good! Would definitely recommend. Hotels were great. Service from Qibla travels was very quick from booking services to transfers over in Saudi. Overall great service

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Amir Asar
The most perfect Umrah trip - Thank you all at Qibla Travel

Dec 2018 - just returned from the most amazing Umrah trip with a friend. Both hotels in Makkah and Madinah were amazing and the transportation arrangement were simply brilliant. Trust me when I say that you must book with Qibla Travels for your Hajj or Umrah trip because no one has the contacts in Saudia like they do and no one can rival their meticulous attention to detail nor their reliability. Well done to Aatif and the team and really can’t wait to book again soon.

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Mohammad HAnif
Hajj 2018

Alhamdulillah I performed my Hajj this year (2018) with Qibla Travel.
My spiritual journey with Qibla Travel was an amazing experience.
The group provided excellent service, all the Group Leaders were excellent, very friendly and helpful throughout the journey which made our Hajj easy.
The Team was very organised and kept us updated throughout the process which made the whole journey as easy and enjoyable as possible and a trip to be remembered.
Our Hotel in Makkah was very close just 10 minute walk from Haram.
Hotel in Madinah was also just 5 minute walk from Masjid e Nabvi.

I am very satisfied with the services I received from Qibla Travel.
My overall rating for this group is excellent, and would definitely recommend to everyone.
My special thanks to Gultasib Khan Sahib and his team for excellent services.

Mohammad Hanif

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Qadir sajwani

3weeks visit to makkah n Madina as hajj is ended.It was marvellous,arranged n guided by Qibla n his team.people were guided step by step on daily basis people been educated by Qibla expert team reg hajj.
I really recommend Qibla Travel especially for hajj n Humrah.I m really so happy that i got the right agent. Thanks

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Rimsha Latif
Hajj 2018

I went for Hajj this year with my family and we had an amazing experience with Qibla Travels. It was a well organised trip with lovely, helpful and friendly staff. Both hotels in Makkah and Madinah were very comfortable and only a couple of minutes walk away from the Masjids. The organisers did a spectacular job, doing exactly what was specified in the Itinerary the way it was briefed to us in the Seminar and stayed with us step to step throughout the whole journey. Qibla Travels are doing an amazing job, we are extremely impressed with their service.
Highly Recommend everyone to travel with Qibla!!

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Yunus Shah

On behalf of my sister Asgari and Myself, We would like to wish everyone from Al Qibla Group Happy New Islamic Year.
Alhamdulillah I am sure all of us feel Blessed Having completed the rites of the Holly Hajj.
Now it is time to reflect on the journey of a lifetime,experiences both physical and spiritual amidst the huge mass of pilgrims all eager with anticipation and passion to be one with The Almighty and to follow the footsteps of His beloved Prophet Abraham Khalilullah and Rasul Allah PBUH.

It all began at Heathrow Airport under the umbrella of Al Qibla Group.All strangers a bit apprehensive maybe deterred by the enormity of the journey ahead and at the same time looking forward to achieving the spiritual awakenings once landed in the mystic and Holly sites of Mecca and Medina.
First stop was Istanbul Airport where all of us changed into our Ihrams. This was a first solemn step which transformed a group of strangers into a unified togetherness of the Ummah one for all and all for one.
As we landed at the Jeddah Airport there was a surge of excitement and anticipation and eagerness to reach Mecca. The Holly Al Harmain and The Heavenly Kaaba were beckoning.
Normally once landed it can take anything upto 6/8 hours to clear customs and another couple of hours to reach Mecca but full marks to Al Qibla for their immaculate planning we managed to circumvent the system and reached our hotel earlier than expected.

After quickly freshening up we were all restless and keen to reach Masjid Al-Haram and Kaaba. We all regrouped and under the banner of Al Qibla started our journey with resounding chanting of “Labbayk, Allahumma Labbayk,La shareeka laka Labbayk,Innal-hamda wan-n”imata laka wal-mulk La shareeka laka.”
As we reached Al-Haram The sight of Kaaba had us all spellbound and I was overcome with mixed emotions and felt both spiritually uplifted and a calmness descended upon me and I became oblivious to everything else around me as if I had descended into another sphere.
We managed to complete Tawaaf and Sayee as if in a spiritual trance yet felt energised and fulfilled.
One looses all sense and awareness of physical and material needs and this where one needs to be in the company of caring and experienced agent to supervise and guide through the holly rituals of Hajj according to the Sunnah and this is where Al Qibla personnel Mr&Mrs Khan ,Atif and Imams and their staff came into their own.
Mr & Mrs Khan and Atif were at always at hand to see to our needs and made sure all the arrangements were in place and to top it we had a round the clock canteen which served excellent food and beverages.
We had lectures from learned Imams about the Hajj Minasik as per Sunnah and thus we completed Minah,Muzdalifa and finally Arafat to our hearts contend and finally on 10th Zul Hijjah which was the most trying and full of “Aazmaish”we completed the marathon walk from Minah to Jamurat to Mecca for Tawaaf and Syee and back to Mina in a day.
Unfortunately I had an accident and Mr.Khan made special arrangements for us to return to Mina by bus.
All the way Mr & Mrs Khan and Atif led the procession tirelessly rallying the troops and urging us onwards. I must admit at the end of this we felt elated and happy that we had managed to complete our Hajj .May Allah Accept it.
We were very lucky to be in the company of such a wonderful and caring group of Hajjis and subsequently in the true spirit of Hajj we all became an extended family and InshAllah may this bond last amongst us forever.
I am indebted to Mr Khan and family to create such a wonderful atmosphere and care and provide service beyond the call of duty which enabled us to fulfill our Hajj Rites to our hearts satisfaction. I would highly recommend Al Qibla.

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Umar Shaheen

The Qibla Travels team gave me and my mum an incredible Hajj experience. We were looked after all the way through Hajj. And accommodation after Hajj was very good too. Inshallah if I go for Hajj again I will definitely use them. May Allah SWT reward them for their hard work.

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Roohi Chugtai

Jazakumullah for everything Qibla Travels and their devoted team did for us. I personally thank you all For the time and effort you all put in. I have been telling everyone that Mashallah. Qibla Travels looked after us very very well. Specially sister Annie, can’t thank her enough for her constant help and support. I was amazed by the politeness, patience, and humbleness of the entire family. All I can say is may Allah make your Duniya and aakhirah more comfortable and raise your grades Because you all looked after us during hajj. I was told to pack patience in my suitcase. Trust me traveling with you guys I did not need to observe patients as you guys provided things there and then The food was amazing, however brother chef has to go easy on Oil/ ghee/ butter Etc. And a humble suggestion, if more care is taken towards preparing menus and the more staple food is introduced As Channa dhal etc. Does not help in retaining wudu etc.

Compliments to the chef on Nahari, pye, and Halwa of course. My husband is definitely traveling with you guys in future Provide he gets pye for breakfast. Lastly, many many many thanks to you all And please forgive us if we came across rude, arrogant or ungrateful towards your service.
Jazakumullahu khayran katheeran.
Looking forward to traveling with Qibla Travels soon Inshaa Allah.

Samina salimee

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