Al-Aqsa Tour (5 Nights)


4 Star National Hotel
Departure Date04 June 2020 Total Duration5 Nights
View Details 020 8558 4848
Turkey Tour

Turkey Ottoman Empire Tour


Hotel Zurich, B&B
Departure Date20th June Total Duration5 Nights
View Details 020 8558 4848

What is Halal Holidays Package

Halal Holidays implies encouraging Muslim families to make an excursion keeping the Islamic Sharia laws. The Qibla Travels is to furnish you with halal travel. Lodgings and resorts in such an excursion don’t serve pork, liquor, serve simply Halal nourishment and pools for people. In many Islamic nations, for the most part in Turkey and Malaysia, this idea is prospering…

Aside from lodgings and resort settings as per Sharia rules, Halal Travel is additionally developing towards flights where liquor and pork are not served, Islamic strict environment has been kept, help for supplication is being given and the diversion has been given by Islamic standards. There is a great deal of potential in the Middle East for halal the travel industry.

There are expanded conversations in Islamic nations worldwide to create halal beginning up aircraft. Right now, nourishment will be given; petition timings will be declared; it will involve (at any rate so is the arrangement) separate seating plans for male and female travelers. One such aircraft has just been begun from Thailand for Hajj and Umrah flights. Qibla Travels have a huge range of Halal Holidays Package at an affordable price from the UK.

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