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al-aqsa tour package

Al-Aqsa Tour (5 Nights)


4 Star National Hotel
Departure Date06 JULY Total Duration5 Nights
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Turkey Tour package

Turkey Ottoman Empire Tour


Hotel Zurich, B&B
Departure Date20th June Total Duration5 Nights
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Halal Cheap Holiday Package:

A halal holiday adheres to the Islamic way of life. This implies that our halal holidays experts will make certain that your vacation complies with Islamic Sharia Laws. Qibla Travels Ltd. is here with its world-class, cheap holiday package.

In addition, we find you hotels that offer only pure halal meals (no pork) and no alcohol at all. Also, we will accommodate you in hotels with prayer rooms, or hotels near mosques. Our goal is for you to feel entirely comfortable and calm while on vacation without jeopardizing your faith.

Our halal-friendly travel philosophy is simple: we are here to make your vacation as comfortable as possible with our cheap holiday deals. Moreover, we want you to continue practicing your religion while meeting new people, discovering great cultures, or simply resting on a private beach.

Affordable Holiday Package:

We present to our customers affordable and cheap holiday deals. We understand that not everyone can spend a lot on a trip. So, we design our packages in such a way that they are easy in everybody’s pockets. We strive for our customer’s satisfaction and we do not compromise on the quality of our services.

Our all-inclusive holiday packages include the following packages:

  • Al-Aqsa Tour
  • Turkey Ottoman Empire Tour

Al-Aqsa Tour with Us:

The religious significance of the Al-Aqsa Mosque for Muslims stems from the fact that it is the first of two qiblas, the third of two holy mosques. Allah SWT has blessed the Al-Aqsa Mosque and everything that surrounds it. During the journey of Isra’ and Miraj, the Messenger Muhammad SAW was taken to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

This mosque, in addition to being aesthetically attractive, provides a quiet and peaceful ambiance unlike any other. It envelops you, relaxing your spirit and focussing your mind—it’s a heavenly experience.

It is the only place on Earth where all the Prophets, led by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), prayed Salah together. Throughout the years, angels have landed on this Mosque to deliver Allah’s word.

We feel lucky to be able to provide the customers with the chance to visit this holy place. You can book us for your sacred journey. Whether you want to travel alone or with your family, we are here to serve you with our family holiday packages.

Turkey Ottoman Empire Tour: 

Over the past few years, Turkey has become a popular tourist destination for most Muslims. It is also the number one place for women as it is one of the few places in the world where women can fully relax. Moreover, it is a great place to go on vacation.

Turkey is known as the place where can go can with your family for halal holidays. Moreover, there are many Muslim-friendly hotels with Islamic facilities. Therefore, Qibla Travels Ltd. takes you on holiday to Turkey, and you can visit the beautiful Ottoman Empire at affordable rates.

Our main objective is to ensure your satisfaction. Whether you have been planning a trip for a long time or you have just made up your mind, we deliver the best halal holiday packages with our high-quality last-minute holiday deals

Advantages of Choosing Us: 

We understand our customers’ issues and requirements. Qibla Travels make sure every concern of our clients is taken care of efficiently. We cater to your needs and make sure you are satisfied and do not feel any inconvenience throughout the trip.

Our customer support team accompanies you and provides you with everything you need. They guide you and remain at your service all the time to ensure you do not face any inconvenience.

The following are some advantages of traveling with us:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Accommodation at 4-star hotels
  • Air-conditioned vehicles
  • Tour guide
  • Visa acquisition
  • Flight booking
  • Hotel reservations

We ensure your stay at luxury 4-star hotels such as Hotel Zurich and 4-star National Hotel. In addition, our team makes sure there is no violation of Sharia laws so that the whole purpose of your halal holidays is fulfilled.

Why Qibla Travels for Your Halal Holidays?

At Qibla Travels Ltd., your satisfaction is our first concern. Everyone’s requirements are different, and we realize that. That’s why we’ll never do anything without your permission. Choose from our cheap holiday package and get a memorable experience of a lifetime.