Turkey Ottoman Empire Tour – Direct Flights

Departure Date: 10th-Aug
Arrival Date: 16th-Aug
Turkey Ottoman Empire Tour

Package Price:

Cost per person £995

Package Includes

  • Hotel 4 Star B&B
  • Transportation
  • Direct Flights
  • Turkish Airline

Overview of the Tour:

The purpose of this tour is to revisit Islamic history and its roots. the ottomans made up a major part of Islamic history and it is important that we recognize what it stood for. this will be a great tour for us to connect with our identity as Muslims.

Where will we be Taking You?

Our story and tour will start in Sogut (birthplace of Ertugrul), where the Ottoman power was birthed. we shall move to bursa and then end our story in Istanbul. the journey will consist of a 5-day tour. 3 days will be dedicated to the Ottoman history and 2 days will be dedicated to a fun and interactive exploration of the city of Konstantine (Istanbul.)

Are you interested?

if so, then lets us know as soon as possible as places are limited. please email us or contact us on 02085584848/07985720583 to make your booking.

For further details please contact us on 02085584848 / 02032080000