Knowing everything about Umrah and Hajj FAQs and info is a must before performing it. This page is going to help you get all this basic info about Umrah and Hajj. Now you learn Hajj Frequently Asked Questions. Most of the faq’s listed below.

Hajj FAQ's

Will there be any religious guidance during the pilgrimage?

Yes, groups will be accompanied by guides who have experience in performing hajj. Also, for specific religious guidance and lectures, we have arranged for an Imaam to accompany each group

What type of Hajj will we be performing?

Inshallah we will be performed according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW). There will be the chance to select between Hajj Tamattu and Hajj Qiraan.

What is the difference between Hajj Tamattu and Hajj Qiraan?

Tamattu - A pilgrim enters the state of Ihraam with the intention of performing Umrah only. After the completion of Umrah, this Ihraam is removed and another state of Ihraam is adopted before 8th Dhul Hijjah with the intention of performing Hajj.

Qiraan - A pilgrim enters the state of Ihraam with the intention of performing Umrah & Hajj. On reaching Makkah, a pilgrim first performs Umrah and then performs Hajj in a single state of Ihraam

What happens about arranging a Qurbani (Sacrifice)?

This is all part of the package. A Qurbani will be carried out on your behalf.>/p>

What happens to our suitcases during Hajj days?

Luggage is stored safely at your hotel in Makkah

Will I have to pay for food / meals?

Whilst in the hotels, your are covered half board/full board according to the package. In Mina & Arafat the accommodation is full board. Any additional meals over and above this you will have to pay for.

What kind of clothing is recommended?

Obviously, during Hajj days you will need an Ihraam. The weather is generally very warm all of the time but during the winter months it can get a little chilly at night. It is recommended to pack at least one item of warm clothing such as a jumper. The rest of the time you will need cool, comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.

How do I arrange for the cleaning of my laundry?

This can be done through services provided by the hotel, although there are other launderettes around the local areas who also offer this service, often at a cheaper rate.

How much money should I take with me?

Please allow for any food / laundry bills and shopping/souvenirs that you will buy during your stay. It is recommended to take at least a couple of hundred pounds or so, but this obviously varies from person to person. We do not recommend that you take travelers cheques as you will not have your passport with you at times when you may need to cash them.

What is the exchange rate?

Obviously this may change, but as a rough guide it is about 6 Riyals to 1 British Pound. It is relatively easy to exchange money at one of the many points situated around the local areas.

Whats the cost of an average meal?

Approx £3 or 20 Riyals

What if I want to take Zam-Zam back to the UK with me?

This is normal practice and can be arranged.

What if I get Ill during my stay?

A certain amount of medical care is available, however we advise that you take out travel insurance.