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Qibla Travels Ltd. provides the best Hajj and Umrah packages in the UK, as well as the most cost-effective worldwide flight services. Whether it is a leisure tour or a holy visit that you're going for, Qibla Travels offer you world-class services to make your journey memorable.

Your complete satisfaction defines our objectives - we want to enrich your travel experience and make it one memorable event for you. With an excellent track record, hundreds of thousands of customers get benefitted from our services, every year. We believe that the best promoter for our business is our happy and fulfilled clients. Our long-established experience as Hajj and Umrah travel agents and our practical approach will give you significant serenity... Read More

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We believe that the best promoter for our business is our happy and fulfilled clients

Best Hajj and Umrah packages in the UK

Qibla Travels is a specialist trip operator offering pilgrimage tours from the United Kingdom. Those who have traveled to Saudi Arabia before know how immensely you need to plan everything. From booking your ride to hotel reservations, one has to carefully arrange the complete holy tour. Our exceptional team members have worked hard making connections to cover all your travel necessities. Travel with us and leave your worries behind. Moreover, our services go far beyond simple Hajj and Umrah packages. Do not break a sweat in finding out as we have explained them in detail for you. 

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Our state-of-the-art travel agency provides realistic Hajj, Umrah, and Holiday services to our clients. As a customer, you have a lot of questions in your mind when you want to perform Umrah or pilgrimage.   Our packages are easy on the pocket and do not burden your wallet. We offer from marvelous economy packages to world-class deluxe packages. All packages include transportation, Visa, and bookings in 5-star hotels and buildings.  If you are looking to travel independently or with a group, you have complete freedom. In our affordable Hajj and Umrah packages, we provide you with the hotels that are nearest to the mosques. In addition, our packages include air-conditioned transport services. Our customer service staff accompanies you throughout the tour. In case you face any difficulty, they guide you and resolve your issues immediately.

Hajj Packages:

Hajj is considered to be one of the most important acts of worship. It is an obligation for every able Muslim to perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime. Qibla Travels will make this obligation a smooth experience so you can focus on your Hajj rituals. The best thing about choosing Qibla Travels Ltd. is you get everything arranged for you at affordable rates. Customer satisfaction and easement is our objective. Thus, we provide our clients with the cheapest Hajj Packages irrespective of the distance and duration of the tour.  In addition, our dedicated Hajj team representatives have complete knowledge about all the sacraments of Hajj. They offer help with the required ceremonials if you have any difficulties understanding them.

Umrah Packages Including Flights: 

Umrah includes a series of rituals that depicts the life incidents of Ibrahim and Hajrah. Although Umrah is not as compulsory as Hajj, it is recommended to perform as it strengthens your faith. We offer a variety of extraordinarily affordable Umrah Packages Moreover, our Umrah packages include a separate trip for women. We understand that a lot of women are not comfortable traveling with men. Our separate women Umrah packages solve this problem for you. One of our other services includes Ramadan Umrah Packages. Traveling is stressful, and in Ramadan, it is more tiring. We assist you in taking that hassle out by providing you with the most economical Umrah packages.  In addition, we deliver helpful advice on everything from your flight to your hotel. Our apt representatives stay by your side throughout your trip to help you with rituals and any problems.

Halal Holidays:

Apart from Hajj and Umrah packages, we offer budget-friendly holiday packages. We provide group tours to places such as Masjid Al Aqsa, Turkey, and Jordan where our tour guides show you the Islamic history and sacred places that connect us to our Islamic identity. However, if you feel like you want a personalized relaxing holiday, we will provide you with a halal-friendly package in places such as Antalya, Maldives, Malaysia, and many other tropical places around the world. Our goal is to be as accommodating as possible to your needs. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique. Some people may prefer to stay for a shorter period of time than others due to family or other obligations, which is why we offer packages of varying lengths and prices.