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May 18, 2022

Health Issues in the Hajj Pilgrimage

The Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is one of the world’s largest yearly mass gatherings. The goal of this article is to provide health policy […]
May 16, 2022

Hajj Badal- Performing Hajj On Behalf Of Someone

Hajj Badal, also known as “Proxy Hajj. It is the act of performing Hajj on behalf of someone who is unable to perform it themselves. This […]
May 16, 2022

Hajj: A Journey of a Lifetime

The hajj, or pilgrimage to Makkah, is a significant Islamic obligation that goes back to the Prophet Abraham. It draws Muslims of all races and tongues […]
May 9, 2022

The Miracle and Benefits of ZamZam Water, 5 things to know about it

The Miracle of Zamzam water It is one of Islam’s greatest enduring miracles, symbolizing God’s mercy. The Well of Zamzam first appeared under the feet of […]
May 9, 2022

Hajj: Pilgrimage to mecca and its Significance in Islam

What is the Hajj pilgrimage? The hajj is a pillar of Islam that all Muslims must do at least once in their lives. Hajj: the Pilgrimage […]
April 25, 2022

Laylatul Qadr – The Spiritual Significance of the Night of Power

And the last ten nights of Ramadan are the holiest of the entire month, you can multiply your rewards on the Powerful night. Donate today to […]
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