Umrah a feel closer to Allah

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October 11, 2018
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What is the utmost desire of a Muslim in this world would be? Of course, to be a person admired by the Almighty who SWT is the Lord of his here and after. A Muslim’s ultimate wish is to be close to the one who created him. But the question is what would be the best way of it? Well, there are a number of ways but the most rapid we can say is by the performance of pilgrimage.

Umrah a feel closer to Allah

Umrah is the great trips that preach us a lot and make us more close to the Almighty. It makes cleanses our soul and gives us the strength to keep us away from Satan. Each step of performing Umrah is a way to make us closer to Allah Almighty.

The desire to be at the journey of Umrah that is the holiest journey of all is itself brimming with expectations and the excitement. The moment a pilgrim enters Saudi Arabia, the main thing left in his heart is wonderment. The thing that you are on the holiest land makes you think again and again one of the luckiest people in this world. The moment a pilgrim who get the chance to be guest of Allah in his House. The cool wind slowly touching your face supports your heart. Inside voices commemorate the pilgrim entry onto this holy land and on the fact that the Almighty has given him a chance to reunite with him and purge his soul.

Maximum Days to Perform Umrah is 14

Umrah can be referred to as a Non-constraints Ibadat as the religion Islam does not burden a Muslim to perform it. Also like Hajj, no specific time is given for the performance of Umrah and it can be performed any time throughout the year.

Maximum days to perform Umrah is 14 and let’s say that you are on your maximum days Umrah tour then we would love to remind you again that you are on the most amazing, highly sensational and soul cleaning trip. These 14 days would be best of your whole life especially when it is the first time to perform Umrah. When you perform Umrah the Lord of yours who created us all becomes clear and clear. You start to know about even those things that sometimes seems miraculous to you.

Umrah starts with the Niyyah (intention) to perform Umrah and after that reciting Talbiyah on reaching the point of Meeqat. Recitation of Talbiyah signifies your submission to the Almighty Allah, seeking his benevolence and looking for absolution.  Ihram is the state in which when you set a foot inside the holy city Makkah and inside the Grand Mosque (Bait Ullah) you feel something extraordinary, something out of the regular. The feeling is not a peculiar one but it’s like a sweet happening and sometimes most of the pilgrims cannot describe that feeling in words.

Tawaf and Sai are the Rituals of Umrah

Tawaf; the ritual of Umrah in which a pilgrim circle seven times around Kabah actually gives a chance to you to manifest the new strength that your heart gained and you want to pray and supplicate as much as you can.

Sai makes us closer to the Almighty in a way that when we walk from Mount Safa to Mount Marwa, it gives us a lesson that persistent dedication and staunchness towards a certain task will eventually lead you to a path.

All the rituals in the Umrah are a lesson for the Muslims that also aid them out in their daily lives. These rituals are eminent in making closer a person to the Almighty on their own as they preach us how to make your Lord happy.

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