Three Kinds of Hajj
Summary of Three Kinds of Hajj
December 16, 2016
History of the Hajj
A History of the Hajj
December 16, 2016
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During your Hajj, there are many stages through which you will pass. The first of these stages is Ihram which is the sacred state every Muslim must enter before they are able to perform the rituals required to complete Hajj. Her some of the basic of Ihram so you are well prepared to complete the holy pilgrimage.

Stitched Clothes are Forbidden

One of the key elements of Ihram is the clothing which is worn by both men and women. Stitched clothes are forbidden, so men must wear two white seamless clothes, leaving some areas of the body uncovered. Women are not to wear the Burqa or Niqab as they must not cover their faces during Hajj. Instead, they wear a dress that covers their bodies, leaving the hands and face uncovered.

Behavior During Ihram

During Ihram, a Muslim is expected to put aside all thoughts of day-to-day life, and focus entirely on Allah. This is the time of preparation for the pilgrimage ahead, So it is important to prepare your mind and faith for this time. One of the most important things a Muslim must have is Niyyah – the intention to carry out an activity for the sake of Allah.

Prohibited During Ihram:

There are certain things that are prohibited during Ihram this time, and a Muslim must abide by these in order to complete their Hajj. The following are all prohibited during Ihram.

  • Any sexual activity.
  • Wearing perfume on the body or clothes.
  • Quarreling or arguing.
  • Clipping nails and removing any hair from the body.
  • Wearing makeup.
  • Wearing shoes, slippers or socks.
  • Looking in the mirror.
  • Causing blood to come out of the body.

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