February 13, 2019
Signs of Weak Iman

Signs of Weak Iman (Faith) And Ways to Increase Your Faith

Signs of Weak Iman (Faith) The most important thing in any religion is the firm belief of its followers towards their Lord. Every religion wants its […]
October 22, 2018
Holy Kaaba

Amazing Facts about the Holy Kaaba – House of God

About the Holy Kaaba Muslims face the Holy Kaaba in Mecca Saudi Arabia for five daily prayers. Holy Kaaba is a cube-shaped stone structure that was […]
September 27, 2018
Human Rights

Human Rights in Islam according to the Quran

What is the Human Right? All human beings are born free and equal in status and respect. Human rights are the basic rights that belong to […]
April 6, 2018

10 Reasons Why Your Supplications are Unanswered

10 reasons why your supplications are unanswered We are all humans at the end of the day, and we all feel miserable at some point or […]
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