Signs of Weak Iman (Faith) And Ways to Increase Your Faith

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February 11, 2019
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March 11, 2019

Signs of Weak Iman (Faith)

The most important thing in any religion is the firm belief of its followers towards their Lord. Every religion wants its followers to be strong believers and act upon the commandments of the religion wholeheartedly. Faith helps to shape the perception of a person related to life, Hence, if the foundation of faith is weak, it is quite natural to expect the faith of believer to falter and shake in life-related the way he/ she sees life and things happening in it.

Signs of Weak Iman

Faith is directly connected with the heart. Allah Almighty has warned us against the heart that is hardened, closed, sick, blind and sealed. The spiritual health of our hearts determines the strength of our faith. When our faith is weak, we can see it in our actions. When the faith of believers is weak, they are more likely to fall into sins until they are completely numb to their awful nature. Religion Islam commands its followers to pay proper attention to the elements of faith and not weaken the faith by staying unfamiliar with them. We need to know the symptoms of weak faith so that we can work to cure them.

Signs of Weak Iman (Faith).

Below mentioned are some of the symptoms of weak faith.

  • Being arrogant about sins shows a lack of faith and a Muslim should avoid it by keeping quiet on if the sin is committed and seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Muslims should seek forgiveness and repent on their sins.
  • Who do not repent over their sins, are the ones who need to think over the kind of faith they have because sins without any regret or repentance represent weak faith.
  • Missing attention, focus and the presence of heart and mind during Salah is another sign of weak faith. Muslim should counter it by standing in prayer with all the focus on it and nothing else.
  • If the hearts of Muslims become hard that do not move on any kind of calamity or that are insensitive to the difficulties of people, then it surely is a sign of weak faith. Being Muslims we need to consider it for improvement.
  • The verses of the Holy Quran cannot fail to affect a true believer whose faith is strong. But for those with weak faith will notice their hearts unmoved with the message of the Noble Quran.
  • The ones who have weak faith will be more inclined towards taking revenge and will also lack patience. Hence, the absence of forgiveness and the lack of patience in the character and attitude of a person is another sign that shows a person growing weaker in faith.

In a nutshell, a Muslim believer mends his or her actions and tries performing them with the right intentions in the right way so that they resemble and represent someone with a stronger faith. May Almighty Allah strengthen our faith! Ameen.

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