Mahram Rules of Hajj for Women

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Hajj is among the five pillars of Islam and is a mandatory obligation for those who are financial, physically and mentally healthy and can afford to be on a holy journey by all these means. The performance of Hajj for such people is necessary and those who do not perform Hajj despite having all of the facilities will have to face the wrath of Almighty at the Day of Judgement. Those who perform it full of their hearts will be rewarded in this world.

Mahram Rules of Hajj for Women

Mahram bringing; Hajj being a very huge Ibadah has many rules and manners that must be followed and fulfilled by the one who is supposed to be performing it. One such rule is to take a mahram along with you in Hajj. Now the question is what is mahram and why is it necessary to bring a mahram along with you? Of course, the question must be aroused in a mind as it is a very valid thing to think. Mahram is a male individual that a female requires while going to his Umrah or Hajj journey and it is not permissible to do Umrah or Hajj without the mahram. Mahram is actually that one male individual whom a woman can trust wholly and feel secure when she is along with him.

Who is a mahram? Now the one who is reading this must think that what males can be mahram. Then, mahram can be the father, brother, husband, son, nephew, maternal uncle, and grandfather. Despite these few mentioned relations all of the other males are not- mahram for a woman and she cannot trust him neither can travel with them.

Why does a woman need Mahram? This question is the most valid though. Islam is the religion that supports the weak and the vulnerable. Women being weak (in the physical point of view) as well as being unstable in their emotions are very prone to mishaps and cannot control their selves not the troublesome situations as much as a man can do. They need support by the one whom they can trust blindly.

Also, it is not a good practice in Islam for women to spend the night out of their house unless of a need because nights are mostly saved for a woman inside her house. This order to Islam is purely to protect the honor of a woman and not to bind her at all. In case of emergency, she can spend the night outside the house with a mahram. Same is the case in the Hajj journey.

Mahram rules of  Hajj for Women;

In accordance with the current rules proposed by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj. A woman under the age of 45 years cannot go for Hajj performance without a Mahram next to him.

Complete relationship status must be provided to the authorities between the male and female with the application for further proceeding.

If a pilgrim lady is 45 years old or more than it, then she can go without Mahram.

If the application of Hajj is accepted with a name of Mahram in it and his presence along with the lady is mentioned there, then she cannot leave the country without her mentioned Mahram.

Try to take the same Hajj packages in a group or family with the female. When the male and female take different packages then most of the times they got separated flights.

Ask your travel agency or travel agent to arrange the same flight as that of your female pilgrim.
The minimum age for a male to travel as Mahram of a lady is 17 years old.

If you consult these rules before going to perform Hajj. You can be able to avoid any bothersome situation during or after your Hajj performance.



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