Helpful Travel Tips for Hajj Packages

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Kindness Shines Through in Hajj
March 22, 2018
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April 6, 2018

Some Important Travel Tips for Hajj

There is so much planning to do, especially when the Hajj tour is concerned. Remember, this is a holy obligation and not a pilgrimage and thus packing for this tour should be different, but at the same time, not leaving the necessities behind. Hence, take a look at the tips we have for you and be well informed of the same. These are some helpful travel tips for Hajj Packages. These are some important Travel Tips for Hajj.

Travel Tips for Hajj

Pack Enough Ihram Clothing

What you should carry with you are at least two to three sets of extra clothes for ihram. If you feel carrying so much is going to be difficult, then you can opt for the cheaper options when you get in Saudi, and buy them from there. Changing your clothes is a must since you will most definitely get sweaty and dirty; Laundromats may or may not be around while conducting manasik, so carrying extra sets is recommendable. Plus, the nights get really cold and the extra sets can help keep you warm at the same time.

Pack the Zamzam Well

There have been many cases of Zamzam’s being stolen or misplaced, especially at the conveyor belts at the airport. If you do not want this happening to you, ensure that your Zamzam is kept safe in a duffel bag or a book bag, something that is very inconspicuous, and does not look as if it contains the Zamzam. Read our important Travel Tips for Hajj.

Carry an Unlocked Phone

We cannot stress enough on this, for around 100 riyals you can get a phone line in Saudi, which would work on your unlocked phone as well. Constant connections are a must for your safety and security, just in case you lose your way or get lost in the crowd which happens every year. Outgoing calls are charged, while incoming is free.

Carry Your Medication

Pharmacies in Saudi are aplenty and they have all the medicines you need, but do not leave anything to chance. This is especially if your health needs are tailor-made for your family doctor. Always ensure that you stay off the hassle of running around to find life-saving drugs at the eleventh hour!

Carry your ID Card

If you do not have one, make one of your own and have all your details on it (not too personal though). Your passport is always with your group guide and you too should have an identification card of some sort on you as well. In the past, people have fallen ill and unconscious while in public places. The ID card on you can help trace your group and/or close ones. You could also get totally lost in the huge crowd, as well as possibly you get confused about your hotel’s location. Do not leave anything to chance, have your full name, passport number and contact information on the Identity card you make.

Be Careful of Fraudsters and Pickpockets

There are plenty of them around, especially near the tawaf zones, say sources. Your money should be kept safe where no one would know and could easily access. Even at hotels or the tents you rent, make sure you trust no one with your precious belongings. Hence, carry a portable safe with you at all times.

Head for the Fahad Gate

The Fahad Gate is where you should head, just in case your body cannot bear the heat anymore. It is a well-known fact that the King Fahaad Gate a is an air-conditioned one and even while the sun lashes down during the day, this area is always the coolest place for relief from the sun and heat!

We hope this information on what to pack and what to do for Hajj Tour comes in handy!

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