Hajj Tips

Start preparing for Hajj at least 6 months before departure. Go through the procedure, learn some duas and azkaar by heart. Here is a great collection of Hajj Tips to make your Hajj experience even better and a lifetime. Please follow these to get more reward and please Allah.

Please check a few useful websites for some information.

  1. Hajj is physically demanding and it is recommended to practice walking at least 30 minutes a day, the brisker the better.
  2. Learning basic Arabic will make your daily life easier as most Arabs prefer to communicate in Arabic.
  3. Keep your luggage minimum, the less the better. Loading/Unloading luggage can be a hassle, especially whilst traveling on the coach. In Mina/Arafat the space provided is limited per person, hence try keeping luggage at a minimum.
  4. Carry a cloth/nylon bag for your footwear so that you can conveniently carry your slippers/flip flops around without worrying about them getting misplaced.
  5. Take medicines, lots of them. As there are so many people there, coming from various parts of the world and bringing local viruses with them, it’s better to be prepared especially if you are traveling with kids. Normally take flu, fever, digestive, anti-allergy and general painkiller medicines with you
  6. While in Haram or in Masjid, do not jump over people.
  7. Crossing in front of people performing Salah is an excuse (in the Haram only), do not make it a routine.
  8. Keep a photocopy of your passport and an ID card and card of the hotel you stay at in case stopped by police or lost.
  9. Get a good understanding of your location of the hotel in respect of the Haram.
  10. If you are traveling with children, have them wear ID Cards with your hotel’s address and contact information.
  11. In order to maintain a communication link, use local mobile SIMs.
  12. Bring an extra set of ihram in case one gets dirty or you sweat too much
  13. Be careful when wearing the ihram, practice in advance and make sure you can walk properly and you do not accidentally flash
  14. If you are sensitive to light bring sunglasses as it gets very bright and hot
  15. A trick to kissing the black stone is to join the queue 10 – 15 minutes before the Azan for Asar.
  16. For the Hijr Ismail for Zohar or Asar pray near the entrance and when salat is finished go near the entrance. After the funeral prayer they will open the gate up and it will be straightforward to go in.
  17. Learn the funeral prayer (Salat Jenazah).
  18. Ladies are allowed into the Ar Raudah section of the prophets mosque in the morning and night for an hour or so. The one at night is a lot less crowded
  19. Smile in another Muslims face and say Salam to a stranger
  20. Shake someone’s hand and ask about their health
  21. Sit with a Hajj group from another country and ask about Islam in their country
  22. Guide someone and help someone, carry someone’s bags for them
  23. Recite talbiyah loudly, encouraging others
  24. On the days of Eid, walk through the tents reciting takbeer loudly reminding others
  25. Gather stones for people and  guide people to the Jamarat
  26. Offer to throw on behalf of unable Hajjis
  27. Lower your gaze
  28. Remind people of the lives of the Sahaabah
  29. Read Qur’an with the Tafseer
  30. Do the authentic Dhikr of the morning and evening
  31. Give major attention to shy people in your group
  32. Remind people of patience, why they came here, and the example of our Ulumaa’ in Hajj
  33. Explain  Khutbah Hajj al Wada  to those around you
  34. Explain the importance of purifying one’s actions for the sake of Allah
  35. Phone relatives (from Makkah) on Eid day  and Make dua for forgotten friends
  36. Don’t allow Muslims to fight during Hajj
  37. Help people find a place to sleep
  38. Remember – during the heat – the unending torment of hellfire
  39. Say ‘Laa ilaaha illa Allah, wahdahu laa sharika lah, lahul Mulk wa lahul hamd, wa Huwa ‘ala kulli shay’ in Qadeer’ 100x
  40. Say the dua of entering the market place when you go there
  41. Give charity
  42. Stay for the 13th of Dhul Hijjah if possible.
  43. Remind people to go home as better Muslims
  44. Forgive people that wrong you
  45. Visit the hospital and thank Allah for all that he has given you
  46. Take young Muslims and invite them to sit with the elders. Make them the center of attention.
  47. Ask about the health of senior men and women in your group.
  48. Focus hard on helping those immediately near you
  49. Remember specific blessings Allah has bestowed upon you and say Alhamdulillah
  50. Pray to Allah using his 99 most beautiful names (al Asmaa’ al Husna)
  51. Use a Miswak
  52. Always intend reward from Allah for everything you go through during Hajj