Hajj is a Journey Of Lesson

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Hajj is a Journey Of Lesson

Hajj is a Journey Of Lesson

Islam is a religion that gives a complete code of life. It is the religion that focuses on experiences and lessons rather than the memorized patterns. Therefore, the pillars of Islam and its Ibadahs are based on the lessons that will be beneficial for a Muslim.

Hajj is one such pillar of Islam that is full of lessons and modules. After performing Hajj a person becomes able to see the world and things around him from a different perspective. It is the journey that is itself a beautiful lesson from its start to end.

Hajj is a Journey Of Lesson

Starting from Meeqat, when a Muslim stands at the point of Meeqat and make intention (Niyyah). It elicits his dedication to performing the task that is necessary for him to perform. Hajj is a Journey Of Lesson.

Performance of Tawaf not only delivers the message of the great brotherhood of many million people but also the grand unity of the Muslims regardless of their culture, country, age and gender moving together around the holy Kabah while praising and asking forgiveness by the Lord. When a pilgrim initiates his Tawaf by touching or kissing Hajra al Aswad. Muslim all across the world come to the Holy Kabah and desire to kiss this Stone.

Importance of Sai, Mami al Jamarat and Arafat

Sai is the ritual that can be referred to as one of the most astonishing yet remarkable lessons pertaining to the primeval of Islam. The unconditional love of a mother makes the Almighty run a spring for quenching the thirst of an infant child. The desperate run of a mother between the hills of Safa and Marwah was that much admired by the Almighty. It becomes a necessary ritual to perform in the biggest event of the year for Muslims; the Pilgrimage. Sai is performed in the memory of Bibi Hajra and Prophet Ismael AS and has been set as a glorified example of a mother’s love.

Rami al Jamaraat is the ritual of stoning the Satan eliciting that those who deny the powers of Allah. It is the symbolic elicitation by a Muslim that they have rejected the wrong path of Satan and will always follow the right path that will lead them to a prosperous end.

The ground of Arafat where the last sermon of Hajj was delivered by Prophet Muhammad gives complete conduct of life. If we referred this address the basic to live a happy and prosperous life. The last sermon of the pilgrimage states that no one in the world is superior from one another; the only measure of superiority is the pity.

A Muslim must not only seek knowledge from them but also can amend his life in the true direction. You can be the part of this great lesson by opting our exclusively cheap Hajj packages that will make your trip even more memorable.

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