Guide for Hajj and Umrah

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November 29, 2017
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Guide for Hajj and Umrah

Any basic leaflet or pamphlet would offer you all the information you need to prepare for Hajj and Umrah. These rules are mandatory for performing Hajj. Use one standard book for your reference to prevent any misunderstandings and chaos. If you have any doubt about anything, always seek the guidance of an Ulemaa. If you observe the practices well you will be blessed for ibaadat.

Guide for Hajj and Umrah Classes:

If there are Hajj and Umrah Classes going on in your area, make it a point to attend them. Clear all your doubts there. Ask queries that are likely to be of confusion to you as this is the best place to remove all doubts. The Ulemaa sometimes may not have the answer immediately but will find out and let you know. Often others present at the Majlis also get a chance to learn from your questions. It is always good to ask the questions in the class itself and not privately as the aim is to ensure that maximum people benefit from your questions.

Keep the Important dates in mind:

You should make a note of all the important dates for your Hajj and Umrah tours; Or else you will be confused later on. Jot down the last day for applying for your visa, the last date for pilgrims to arrive in Saudi Arabia by air, last date by sea, last date by land. Also the last dates for arrival into Medina by air or the last date for travel by car, the last dates for travel to Makah by air or car.

Some important documents you must carry:

  • Certificate of marriage for married women
  • A proof to show the total amount of money on travel.
  • Proof of being Muslim especially, if your name is not a typically Muslim one.
  •  Birth certificates for all children with you.
  • Certificate to prove international immunization.


Visas are no longer issued unless the accommodation and transport have been taken care of. If the visa is given to an entire family all the members should enter and leave the country together. Visas for the Umrah tours are not issued more than once in any Islamic year.


Always ask your travel agent details about the accommodation. Some of the common questions you must ask him are listed below:

  • Closeness to the venue.
  • Whether the hotel is in a hilly place especially for Makah.
  • Attached toilet facilities for rooms.
  • Cooking provisions.
  • Air conditioners or fan provisions.
  • Refrigerators and telephones provisions.
  • Ask what housekeeping services are available or do you need to clean the room yourself.
  • Ask if there are elevators present.

These are some pertinent things you must know to ensure a comfortable and spiritual Hajj.


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