As you all may be aware, the virus known as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has spread all over the world. This has affected all industries and events including the two Haramains in Makkah and Medina.

We are monitoring the situation very carefully thus it is necessary to update you with our stance.

We are being told that the virus should be dealt with by the end of May which would suggest that Hajj will go ahead, Inshallah. Therefore, we are advising everyone to wait and see out the situation of Hajj this year.

Your money is in safe hands. We are trying to handle this situation the best we can and we request your patience and assistance at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: If Hajj is canceled this year due to the CORONAVIRUS your money will be FULLY REFUNDED. We are a business but we are Muslims first. Your hard-earned money will be given back to you as it is your Amanah.

We make dua this virus is dealt with very quickly and swiftly so we can all perform our Hajj together, Ameen