Hajj is an act of worship
Hajj is an act of worship and civilized Behavior
July 20, 2018
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Rules of Tawaf

Rules of Tawaf for Hajj and Umrah

Tawaf is the important ritual of Hajj and Umrah. It means circling around something and during Umrah Muslims circle around the Kabah for seven times. There are certain rules and regulations that pilgrims must have to follow during the performance of Tawaf and if anyone ignores these rules his Umrah is unacceptable.

Rules of Tawaf

The rules of Tawaf are as follows.

  1. So If anyone’s Tawaf was interrupted, it is permissible for him/her to stop the recommended or obligatory Tawaf intentionally in between. It intends to continue the interrupted Tawaf he/ she can only be done that if he had complete four rounds.
  2. So if the pilgrim has any doubt about the number of rounds while performing Sunnat Tawaf then he may assume the lesser of the two numbers and can complete his Tawaf.
  3. If anyone has doubt about any particular round of Tawaf after the completion of the round then he should just ignore the doubt and continue with Tawaf. If pilgrim has doubt about one stage of around after completing the round and he already moves to the next stage then he should just consider it to be valid.
  4. The pilgrims going on Umrah and Hajj have a lot of unnecessary things regarding the performance of the obligatory and non- obligatory Hajj. These are only things that will distract a person from his good doings.
  5. If anyone has defilement of body or dress it will make his Tawaf invalid.
  6. During the Tawaf, if pilgrim didn’t get to know about the impurity of his dress or body and complete his Tawaf then his Tawaf is valid and there is no need to repeat it.
  7. Islam is a religion of ease which provides comfort to its followers at every step. Similarly, during the Tawaf, the minor impurities like the breaking of the wind will not harm the Sunnat Tawaf.
  8. It is also permissible for the pilgrims to use the specific supplications or dua of the Tawaf. They should consider them as indicators for the number of Tawaf that he has done.

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