Hajj is an act of worship and civilized Behavior

Signs of an accepted Hajj
Signs of an accepted Hajj
July 18, 2018
Rules of Tawaf
Rules of Tawaf
July 23, 2018
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Hajj is an act of worship

Hajj is an act of worship and civilized Behavior

Hajj is an act of worship devoted to the Almighty Allah. It has its own merits and virtues that are incomparable. It has its own wisdom, time and fixed rituals. Moreover, Hajj has its religious, spiritual, educational, cultural, social, medical, and economic purposes and objectives on both national and international levels.

Hajj is an act of worship

Apart from those qualities, Hajj involves the cultural characteristics and the religious behavior that have to be strictly followed, obeying the Almighty Allah. Advice and orders of the government must be followed to ensure the security and safety of the pilgrims, and to provide them with all means and services, enabling them to perform the rituals of Hajj smoothly and easily and to return their country and their families peacefully.

Hajj also has some individual aspects of the civilized behavior that one must adhere to it on his own personal level, such as:

  1. )Moderate consumption of the water while in toilets and while doing ablution.
  2. )Proper control of general water consumption and tightening the water taps to avoid its wastage.
  3. )Proper maintenance of the residence place, and taking care ventilation by opening the windows on a regular basis.
  4. )Using the towels or tissue papers to dry and clean the faces, hands and other parts of the body.
  5. ) Eating of beneficial moderately, especially grains, and avoid bringing them to the Holy Mosque.
  6. ) Moderate usage of the electricity and air conditioners, switching-off them while going out.
  7. ) To show kindness towards the fellow pilgrims, to behave with gently and to be kind. Provide help and assistance to the needy and weeks among them.
  8. ) Proper utilization of whole time in the virtuous deeds and the righteous acts.
  9. ) Avoiding shouting and creating noises and unnecessarily raising voices.
  10. ) Avoiding spitting and cleaning nose in the places not allocated for.
  11. ) So Proper maintenance of cleanliness and putting the wastages and garbage in their proper places and dustbins, and finally;

Having the deep sense of the general cleanliness in both perspectives of the religion and the culture.

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