5 Reasons You Must Know Why Charity in Islam is Important 

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Charity in Islam

Sadaqah is a charitable deed that Muslims perform with the intention of pleasing Allah (SWT) and without expecting anything in return. In Arabic, the word ‘Sadaqah’ literally means ‘righteousness.’ And it comes from the word ‘Sidq,’ which means sincerity, meaning that Sadaqah is faith, honesty, and virtuous behavior that leads to a balanced and healthy society. That is why charity in Islam is important.  

Muhammed (saw) was said to be “more generous than the blowing wind.” [Bukhari]. 

Also, he would give whatever he had to the needy, even going hungry to feed someone who was starving. He had a remarkable character, so following his lead would be wise and rewarding. 

Moreover, it is essential to recognize that Allah’s (SWT) advice intends to keep us on the straight track, humble us, and inspire us to wish the best for others as we do for ourselves and our loved ones.  

In addition, Allah (SWT) has given us hearts so that we might feel compassion for others, but it is both our hearts and thoughts that develop us into good humans. Giving and assisting others is not a selfless act; it is simply humanity. 

Charity in Islam

Charity in Islam

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Give Charity: 

The holy Quran and Sunnah stress the significance of providing sadaqah on a regular basis. Also, Allah has promised various rewards to those who do so. The following are some of the reasons why you should make sadaqah a regular part of your life. 

  1. Sadaqah Fulfils Your Needs 
  2. Eases Hardships and Removes Troubles 
  3. You Invest in This Life and in the Hereafter 
  4. Helps in Removing Sins 
  5. Charity is one of the Gates to Jannah 

1. Sadaqah Fulfils Your Needs: 

It is a normal human desire to pursue our own goals in life, and this might often mean being less generous with our money in order to preserve it for our own futures. Thus, it is important to keep in mind, though, that Allah is the one who looks after our needs. 

In addition, while we should all be prepared for our future security, we should also have confidence in Allah to provide for our requirements. So, we should seek to serve for His sake rather than behaving selfishly or with a narrow perspective. 

Finally, Allah will take care of our requirements if we help fulfill the needs of our brothers and sisters.

2. Eases Hardships and Removes Troubles: 

‘Give the sadaqah without delay, for it stands in the way of misfortune,’ said the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.” (Tirmidhi) 

As Muslims, we believe that life is a test, and one of the ways Allah puts our faith to the test is via hardships. So, Giving Sadaqah in a time of need shows high Iman and gratitude to Allah.  

In addition, it is only He, with His infinite mercy, who can improve a person’s situation: ‘Allah removes what He desires and establishes what He wishes because He has the Mother of Books.’ (13:39) 

3. You Invest in This Life and in Hereafter: 

Spending money on charity causes is not usually associated with a return on investment. So, when we give Sadaqah, Allah promises to enhance our riches and sustenance. Moreover, He grants us prosperity in this world and the next. 

As a result, we invest in this life and the next, in sha Allah, by donating sadaqah regularly. However, some people believe that giving charity in Islam is equivalent to a hajj. But that is not the case because, if you have the means, it is obligatory for you to perform hajj once. Your life.

However, if you have done Hajj once and due for some reason, you cannot do it again, then you can give to charity to compensate for the Hajj. In addition, if you want to perform Hajj, Qibla Travels offer the cheapest hajj packages that you can avail yourself of.  

4. Helps in Removing Sins: 

Allah will hold us accountable for every big and little sin we have done on the Day of Judgment. Moreover, we are simply human, and sinning is unavoidable, no matter how hard we try. That is why, to atone for our misdeeds, we must give sadaqah on a regular basis. 

“Charity extinguishes sins like water extinguishes a fire,” the Prophet (saw) remarked. [Ibn Majah]  

‘Even if the amount of charity you offer is as modest as “half a date” [Bukhari], if you give it with a true purpose, it can forgive your sins and save you from the hellfire. 

5. Charity is One of The Gates in Jannah: 

One of the eight gates of Jannah is Baab As-Sadaqah. Only those believers who were charitable and gave Sadaqah in the path of Allah, whether to their parents, orphans, widows, the ill, or anyone else in need, can pass through this door.  

Thus, giving Sadaqah enables you to pass through this gate and enter Paradise. 

“However, those who feared their Lord will be led to Paradise in groups until they arrive there and the keepers say, “Peace be upon you; you have become pure; therefore, enter it to stay eternally therein.” [39:73 Noble Quran] 

The Final Thoughts: 

Nothing feels better than donating since it reminds us that all we have in this world is materialistic and never belonged to us in the first place. So, be like the Prophet (PBUH) and never ignore the importance of charity in Islam. As a. result, not only will your acts of kindness benefit you, but they will also benefit those around you. 

Moreover, you can earn greater rewards by giving charity while you perform Hajj or Umrah. Choose Qibla Travels for your holy journey and have a memorable tour of your life. Moreover, they offer amazing Hajj and Umrah packages at low prices.  

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