Blessing of Ramadan Explained

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Blessing of Ramadan

There are many practices we have to observe, both in our everyday lives and at certain times of the year. As you will have seen from our previous post, Ramadan is one of the most prominent celebrations in Islam, and here we will explain why it is so important to our lives and the symbolism of each of the practices involved in Ramadan. Here we explain the Blessing of Ramadan.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims as a month to fast. It is also a time to give up bad habits and to grow stronger in faith. This celebration is very important in Islam.

Eid al-Fitr is a celebration that marks the end of Ramadan. Muslims can not only celebrate the end of their month of fasting but also thank Allah for the strength. We offer cheap umrah package during Ramadan.

Fasting During Ramadan

The concept of fasting during Ramadan is intended to teach Muslims self-discipline, self-restraint and generosity. It reminds us of the suffering of the poor, who may rarely get to eat a proper meal.

During Ramadan, Muslims will fast between sunrise and sunset. While fasting, participants must refrain from eating or drinking as well as smoking, bad language, sex, and other sinful behaviors.

Fasting is compulsory for Muslims who have passed through puberty, so long as they are healthy and able. Individuals are exempt from fasting. If any Muslim is disabled, suffering, or have a condition where they are more prone to complications, such as pregnancy.

Charity in Ramadan

Charity is the most important in Islam. Fasting is intended to remind Muslims of those less fortunate and to inspire them to make zakat(a charitable donation) during this period. Zakat is one of the compulsory pillars. Charity is one of the Blessings of Ramadan for poor Muslims.

Prayer and Reading the Qur’an

Ramadan is not only a time to fast; it is also a time for one to grow closer with their religious identity. This is why the observance of daily prayers and the reading of the Qur’an are also very important during the month of Ramadan.

Muslims will pray five times a day throughout the year. However, many will choose to fit in additional prayers during Ramadan. However, observing extra prayers during this time is a popular practice, and many observers will pray during the evening in addition to their five prayers. Allah gives us Hundred and thousand of Blessing of Ramadan. We are ready to provide cheap umrah packages during Ramadan from the UK.

We hope you found this information helpful as you prepare for Ramadan. Observing the five pillars of Islam is very important to the lives of Muslims worldwide, and aside from Ramadan one of the most important practices for Muslims is the Hajj. At Qibla Travels, we help many British Muslims participate in the holy pilgrimage, and if you are looking for Hajj or Umrah Packages during Ramadan, we can help you to fulfill these religious obligations. For more information, contact today by calling 020 8558 4848.

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