Advantages Of Performing Hajj

7 Practical Health Tips for Hajj
July 6, 2018
Pilgrims flock to Mina at Hajj starts
Pilgrims Flock to Mina at Hajj Starts
July 16, 2018
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Advantages Of Performing Hajj

Advantages Of Performing Hajj

Allah Almighty created the complete universe with versatile sanctions then sent us to this international for a weird motivea person need to cognize and undertakes all those deeds which his Lord commanded him to embark on due to the fact the simple purpose behind a person’s life is to worship his most effective author and are trying to find forgiveness so Allah SWT will pardon him and could deliver him a better rank in Jannah but he’s so merciful. Qibla Travels Ltd presents some Advantages Of Performing Hajj.

Advantages Of Performing Hajj

The quality way to recognize and achieve all of the commandments is to perform Hajj. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and the one who’s capable to afford has to carry out this ritual as soon as in his lifetime.

The remaining reminder of Allah is Hajj. it’s for a ritual that differentiates Muslims from the non- Muslim due to the fact all the Ibadah completed in Islam are in other religions as properly (with alteration or so) but pilgrimage is the simplest Ibadah that is achieved simplest with the aid of the Muslims.

Each Ibadah comprising both bodily or monetary act has some particular rewards and benefits but Hajj has numerous blessings because a Person uses both his physical and financial power to perform this ritual. It’s a first-rate blessing to be summoned by the world author. After the overall performance of this procedural a person’s soul is purified as all his sins are sluiced. Holy Prophet SAWW said:

“Whoever performs Hajj to this House (Kabah) and refrain himself from sexual relations with his wife, and doesn’t ratify any sin (during Hajj), will come out sinless just like a newborn.”

The ultimate Advantages of performing Hajj is having a sedative and peaceful place in Jannah which is the utmost desire of every Muslim. If it is assured to acquire a dwelling in Jannah just by performing an explicit task then what a man needs more than that benediction. The reward of Hajj is not less than heaven.

The significance of Hajj can be assessed by the Hadith of our beloved Holy Prophet SAWW:
“The best Jihad for women is Hajj Mabrur”
He SAWW made this statement when the Mother of the believers Hazrat Ayesha RA said:
“O Apostle of Allah! We consider Jihad as the best actor.”

Hajj has declared to be the Jihad for women if they praised their Lord with true spirit and without convening any sin. The significance of the Hijab is highly emphasized in Surah Ahzab. Women performed this whole task in Hijab without committing any sexual sin. Obeying the commands of Allah SWT with pure spirituality definitely has overwhelming rewards.

Just because of the worth of one day a man will be saved from the hellfire and will be blessed to meet his creator in Jannah. At another place, Hazrat Ayesha RA reported the Hadith of Holy Prophet SAWW:

“There is no day when Allah sets free more humans from hell than the day of Arafat.”
Muslim Ummah learns the lesson to be united without any discrimination. All the Muslims throughout the world gathers at a single spot having the same intention that is to praise their Lord. Without any difference of cast, complexion, class, and status, every pilgrim joins the flock during Tawaf which gives the lesson of unity even in the daily routine. It also builds up your stamina and develops the tolerance to adjust yourself in certain circumstances. Hajj teaches a man to be enduring, meek, gentle, calm, and low raged.

Allah SWT set a definite reward or punishment for every deed. When a man sacrifices his worldly attachments, his relations, his wealth, his health and his rest for Allah Almighty and reserves himself solely for Him then Allah never take his sacrifices for granted but blessed him with the restful place in which he will live forever.

So Hajj is not a ritual that is mandatory only for elders but it can be executed by children either. Hazrat Ibn Abbas RA narrated that Holy Prophet SAWW met some riders in Al-Rawha. A woman asked a question while lifting up a child, “Is there Hajj for him?” He SAWW said, “Yes, and you shall have an incentive.”

A mother has a great rank in Islam because she sacrifices a lot for her children. So when a kid’s pilgrimage is performed because of his/her mother the virtue will definitely go to the mother.
During Hajj a man is only consulted with his Lord. There is no one else between him and his creator.  As time passes, a man becomes adhere to Allah SWT.

A man’s basic focus is to seek forgiveness and to be the one who will be rewarded with Jannah. Due to this sincerity a man just desired to be pardoned and in return, Allah pardons His man. The whole journey results in strengthening the faith. Arousal of Islamic emotions occurs with the great realization of the prominence of Allah.

Sometimes it’s our sins which create hurdles in the acceptance of our supplications. But we can’t realize it at that time. Although after the performance of Hajj, as well as the soul is refined and his faith is strengthened. It means that his Lord is satisfied with him so He will respond to his supplications. This is one more Advantages Of Performing Hajj.

A man begins to live a modified life. After coming back from Hajj, life seems to be a new life because your sins are removed. Your soul has purified and all the impurities of the soul have rinsed. One should keep doing his good deeds to depict the influence of the pilgrimage.

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