Umrah in December Most Convenient for UK Muslims

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May 24, 2019
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August 7, 2019
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December Best Time For Umrah


Umrah is sometimes considered the “lesser pilgrimage”, in that it is not compulsory, but is still highly recommended. It is generally able to be completed in a few hours, in comparison to Ḥajj. Which may take a few days whereas Umrah in December highly recommends due to climate.

December Best Time For Umrah


Muslims all over the world come to perform umrah in Makkah at different times of the year. I will recommend the best time for Umrah In December just because of very pleasant weather in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The major Muslim community in the UK free in the last two weeks of the month of December every year. Close all of the educational institutions, public holidays for Christmas and happy new year celebrations. It is a better time to perform along with your family to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The rituals associated with the lesser pilgrimage. They can book the Umrah packages for this month well in advance to have greater savings.

Explore Holy City While Umrah:

December is also the time when there are relatively lesser crowds of pilgrims. In the holy city as compared to other times of the year. Although there would not be a significant difference, it is the best time to get around Makkah. Explores famous Islamic sites just like One of them is Jabal al-Noor. Which is a mountain located near Makkah in the Hejazi region?

Cave of Hira:

The name translates as ‘Mountain of Light’.  This mountain is visited by numerous pilgrims as it houses the renowned ‘Cave of Hira’.Where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had spent a significant amount of time in deep contemplation. It was this cave where he received his first revelation of the Holy Quran from the Archangel Jibreel.

Jabal al-Rahmah:

Yet another sacred mountain that the pilgrims can visit during their time spent in the holy city is Mount Arafat. Which is also known as ‘Jabal al-Rahmah’. The name means ‘Mountain of Mercy’ and refers to the event. In which, the first prophet Adam (peace be upon him) was forgiven by The Almighty Allah for his sins. As the Quranic story goes, God replaced Ismail with a ram, which was slaughtered instead. Scarify his son by Ibrahim on the command of God. It is also the place where Muhammad, the prophet delivered his last farewell speech.

Due to the best climate conditions in this particular month, you can get a lot of the best Umrah Packages in the UK.

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