Umrah – A Spiritual Journey For Life

Hajj And The Universal Messages It Conveys
April 11, 2018
The Hajj: Centering the Muslim World
The Hajj: Centering the Muslim World
April 17, 2018
Packages for Umrah

Umrah – A Spiritual Journey For Life

Umrah is the visit to Allah’s house with the intention of getting rid of past sins. In Arabic, the word Umrah is derived from Itamar- a visit; however, Umrah in Islamic jargon, means paying a visit to Kaaba, performing Tawaaf around it, walking seven times in between Saffa and Marwah. A person who performs Umrah puts off his Ihraam by having cut his hair. Taking Umrah has become simpler now, by selecting the compensation of Packages for Umrah suggested by travel agents.

Packages for Umrah - A Spiritual Journey For Life

The actual intention of seeking the affection of Allah, for example, saying, I am giving on the Ahram for Umrah to seek the adjacency of Almighty Allah. Men put on the two pieces of white clothes: Ahram, which is compulsory to be consistent and must be unstitched. Speaking Talbiyyah during Niyyat. Praying Allah by saying this words: Lab-bay-ka Allahumma lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka la sharika laka lab-bay-ka; innal hamda wan nia mata laka wal mulk; la sharika laka lab-bay-ka.

The Hajj is the fifth of the main Muslim responsibility and organization known as the five pillars of Islam. The benefits of performing various rituals in the Umrah are much alike to Hajj, the fifth of the five are the primary Muslim duty. Umrah, a visit and small wayfaring to the Makkah- the pure city in Islam. The Umrah is a sign of the faith in the unity of Allah and all the pilgrims pray and follow the path of one God that is, Allah.

The Umrah-devotees has to put on the Ahram at one of the famous Miqats or at Nadhr. However, this is not applicable in two cases: A person who is already in Mekah and plans to do Umrah or who leaves Makah and goes to a short distance: Miqat and intends to return back to Makkah for Umrah. To perform this sin free act, now it has become easier by taking the services offered by travel agents for Umrah Packages. Take appropriate Packages for Umrah, which is according to your requirement, and affordable to you.

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