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October 25, 2019


WHAT IS PURITY: Islam always advises us  to clean yourself both physically and spiritually or mentally purity  because its fundamental of faith. Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s […]
September 27, 2019
picture while hajj-2019

Why We Go For Hajj & Umrah

    Almost four thousand years ago Makkah was very dry and uninhabited place in Arabia. The Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) bring his wife, Hajira (Hagar) and […]
August 23, 2019
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Why Ihram Is Necessary For Hajj & Umrah

How Ihram Provide Spiritual Purity While Performing Hajj & Umrah: The Ihram word is derived from the Arabic verb Harama , its means “To Be Forbidden”. Its […]
August 20, 2019
affordable Umrah packages

Short Cash and Affordable Umrah Packages in UK

Easy To Get Cheap Umrah Package Now Muslims performed one of the Islamic pilgrims’ umrah. All over the world Muslims visiting the holy city of Makkah. […]
August 9, 2019

Blessed Eid-Ul-Adha To All Muslims

  Eid ul ADHA: is a festival celebrated among Muslims world in remembrance of the sacrifice. The Prophet Ibrahim (AS) made out of his faith in Allah […]
August 7, 2019
Cheapest Umrah Packages

Cheapest Umrah Packages In UK

Faith On Allah: In the religion of Islam, the rituals of hajj and’ umrah are the pinnacle of worship. Their history begins with the proclamation made […]
December 14, 2018
Affordable umrah packages

Ways to Make Affordable Umrah Packages in UK

Umrah is A lesser pilgrimage or minor pilgrimage. As compared to the major pilgrimage of Hajj, it is not obligatory for the Muslims. The Umrah packages UK tour […]
May 23, 2018
Selfies banned at Islam’s two Holiest Cities

Selfies banned at Islam’s two Holiest Cities

Selfies banned at Islam’s two Holiest Cities Saudi government banned on taken selfies at two of the holiest cities of Saudi Arab; Makkah and Madina. The selfies are […]
May 4, 2018

Best Packages for umrah – Pick up the suitable umrah package

Best Packages for umrah Always make sure that you buy the package from the itemized travel agent or somebody recommended by your family or friends as […]
March 19, 2018

How to Perform Umrah

How to Perform Umrah – Qibla Travels In Arabic, the word ‘Umrah is derived from I‘timaar which means a visit. However, ‘Umrah in Islamic terminology, means […]
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