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Samina Salimee


Jazakumullah for everything Qibla Travels and their devoted team did for us

I personally thank you all For the time and effort you all put in

I have been telling everyone that Mashallah
Qibla Travels looked after us very very well

Specially sister Annie, can’t thank her enough for her constant help and support

I was amazed by the politeness, patience and humbleness of the entire family

All I can say is may Allah make your Duniya and aakhirah more comfortable and raise your grades
Because you all looked after us during hajj

I was told to pack patience in my suitcase.
Trust me traveling with you guys I did not need to observe patients as you guys provided things there and then

The food was amazing, however, brother chef has to go easy on Oil/ ghee/ butter
Etc. 😃

And a humble suggestion, if more care is taken towards preparing menus and more staple food is introduced
As Channa dhal etc. Does not help in retaining wudu etc. 🙃
Compliments to the chef on
Nahari, pye and Halwa of course

My husband is definitely traveling with you guys in future
Provide he gets pye for breakfast 😃

Lastly many many many thanks to you all
And please forgive us if we came across rude, arrogant or un grateful towards your service

Jazakumullahu khayran katheeran

Looking forward to traveling with Qibla Travels soon
In shaa Allah

Samina salimee

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Mustansar Rafique

It was an excellent lifetime experience. Initial Hajj Seminar was quite valuable as it prepared us for the journey very well. All the hotels were near the Haram which was helpful to offer all prayers in Haram or near to it. Experience of Kabba Facing room was invaluable and it was hard to take eyes off Kabba. There was a huge variety in the selection of food in all the hotels.

Arrangements were excellent at all the places during Hajj days.
Group leaders were available at all times to discuss and guide us and a lot of times went out of the way to help us. Islamic Scholars gave lectures during Hajj days after each prayer which were helpful to carry out all Hajj Minasiks without confusion. Our special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Khan and Atif for looking after us so well.

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Speedy Oz

**Highly Recommended**
"Qibla Travels turning dreams into reality"

As-Salaam-Alaikum to you all. Alhamdulillah, three weeks I spent with my brother, wife & my 3-year-old daughter performing Hajj has been the most spiritually fulfilling and most enjoyable experience of our entire lives.

Qibla Travel is an excellent team of organizers and religious guides, that provide all the knowledge and expertise required for performing the rites of Hajj in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah.

The team is experienced with running Hajj & Umrah packages and as a result I felt I just had to concentrate on worshipping Allah (SWT) and I left everything else to the organisers at Qibla Travels.

Qibla Travels are well connected and very familiar with the areas of Makkah and Madinah. Alhamdulillah for the ease of our travel, accommodation and Hajj. I am grateful to Allah (SWT), for blessing me & my family with the opportunity to perform Hajj with Qibla Travels and I pray that Allah (SWT) accepts it from all of us. May Allah (SWT) continue to bless Qibla Travels abundantly, allow them to lead many more Hajj’s in future, that is accepted and that are run as smoothly and efficiently as our 2018 package. Ameen.

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Huma Qureshi

Just returned from hajj 2018. It was an amazing experience from start to end. Alhamdulillah the organizers made everything easier and tried to help the group in every way possible. We highly recommend qibla travels.

We feel that at times they went out of their way to help the hujjaj in the group. May Allah reward them, Ameen. We will be using them again Inshallah.

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Hamid Ali

It was MashaALLAH fantastic journey from start till end. All been said and advised during Hajj journey was according To Sunnah. Excellent food, great communication, nothing I can think which did or might have went wrong. highly recommended. JazakALLAH Kher Qibla Travel team.

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Jan Wilson

The Qibla Travels Team gave my son and I an incredible experience. This was our first Hajj and everything was very new to us. The team were very dedicated in making sure that we were well informed and taken care of.

I could see that the family based firm had a wonderful ethos of caring and putting everyone before themselves. I would definitely recommend Qibla travels to everyone. I felt that they were not just a company but they were our friends.

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Rai Al-H

Thank you Qibla Travels in particular Aatif for allowing my husband and I and my family to have amazing experiences and memories that we will be able to cherish for a lifetime as well as all the amazing photos we took of some truly incredible places!

My first trip was the Andalusia Tour in 2017! The hotel was clean, with friendly staff in a great location. The tours were incredible! Filled with Islamic history (exactly what we wanted), beautiful places and an excellent English speaking tour guide who enriched our entire experience even more as he went above and beyond!

As my first experience with Qibla travels was truly something to remember I did not hesitate to then contact Aatif again a second time in my most recent holiday to Istanbul.

I couldn't have chosen a better hotel in Istanbul It was in the best location, had great staff and we felt totally relaxed! The beds in this particular hotel (Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel) were the comfiest we have slept on!
Again, Aatif organised an amazing tour of the history in Istanbul with excellent English speaking tour guides!

This family holiday was one that couldn't have gone better especially as it was an extremely important one and I cannot thank Aatif and Qibla travels enough for making sure everything went perfectly!

Aatif always makes sure all my holiday requirements are met and I always have the most amazing experiences! Aatif is extremely efficient and organised. When booking a holiday with Qibla travels I always know I'm in safe hands and more often than not Aatif always goes over and beyond in terms of the service he offers - always friendly yet professional regardless of how many questions I ask or how much I will hassle him!

Really looking forward to planning my next holiday and will definitely be consulting Aatif and booking with Qibla travels again inshaAllah :D I highly recommend booking your holiday with Qibla travels!

Thank you again! :D

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We traveled for Hajj with my elderly mum and Mashallah Qibla travel exceeded our expectations and fulfilled whatever our packages included and beyond. Very professional staff and friendly. While in London the staff gave us all the info and Hajj essentials and advised us on do and don’ts of Hajj plus advised almost on daily basis by Shaikh as what is allowed and not allowed in Hajj period. What was incredible is that the bosses of Qibla and the ground staff in Makka stay with you all times wether sleeping in Mina or in mozhdalefa they go through every step as you do. Allah give them strength to keep up the great job they do.
Highly recommended.
Khalid Kabiri

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Shaheen Javed

Professional service, tailored to your needs, someone at hand at all times to assist you. A friendly company that makes your travels a truly personal and memorable experience.

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Galaxy Tab2
Umrah 2018

Amazing experience. Everything were perfect as planned. Very professional and trustworthy. May Allah reward them all specialy brothee Aatif who organised my Umrah and brother Tareq the correspondant in Saudi Arabia. I went with my wife and one toddler and one baby. We spent 7 nights in 5star hotel in mecca and then 7 nights 5stars hotel in medina plus an other 4 nights in 5stars hotel in mecca. Brother tareq were very flexible and organised very well the transportation between hotel,airport,plus Ziarah. We are highly recommended this agency. We hope In Sha Allah to go again and we will contact them.

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