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Mazhar nasim

Alhamdu lillah just returned from umrah trip which was organised to perfection from qibla travels. The service was perfect from start to finish with a personal contact in saudi which was convenient as a person with a know how is required from time to time. The hotels were excellent and the overall experience was made more enjoyable. I would definately recommend qibla travels for their profesionalism and honesty.
Thanks qibla travels.

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We just had absolutely wonderful services by Qibla travels

Just returned from our Umrah, Alhumdulilah. From Jeddah to Makkah ,Madina Munawwara & Ziyarat , we just had absolutely wonderful services by Qibla travels, May Allah reward them, amen. And brother Tariq In Makkah been very helpful. Simply the best.

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Alhamdulillah our trip was very smooth

Alhamdulillah our trip was very smooth. All went well w our trip especially qaswa transport n ziyarth . Jazakallah khairankasiran for ur wonderful services . I recommend anyone w out any hesitation ur services . Wassalam

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Mohammad Shahid
Everything went smoothly

Alhamdulillah we have safely returned after completing our Umrah. Everything went smoothly except a small incident on the first day on our way from Jeddah to Makkah where Qaswa used a standard taxi from the airport instead of their own transport and the taxi driver tried to charge us money and took our passports away (I foolishly handed over the passport thinking he needed to show these to a check-post). But Alhamdulillah, I immediately phoned brother Tariq and he sent someone to resolve the issue within 10-15 minutes. Br. Tariq’s service was really outstanding; he is a real credit and an asset to your team. From the moment we landed he contacted me and kept me informed all the way through till the end of our journey of all the arrangements etc. May Allah SWA reward him for his sincerity.
Based on my experience I shall be recommending your services to all my family & friends who will be looking to take the blessed journey in the future In-sha-Allah.

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Mohd. Faisal
Highly recommend them!

I have travel with them and found me really nice in terms of their arrangements.I have not found any specific issues and even their customer support is assertive.
Highly recommend them!

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Great trip!

Great trip. The hotels were great, especially Swissotel in Makkah. Travel was arranged for us, including the zeyarah, which made the whole trip run smoothly. Worth every penny. JazakAllahu Khayran.

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Mohammad Shahid

A big thanks to all the qibla travel team including Mr Tariq for making my umrah journey a easy and memorable one. Excellent service provided by qibla travels. A beautiful experience without any problems Alhamdulillah was happy with hotels and transport provided by qibla. Would definitely reccomend anybody going first time to use qibla travels.

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Harun M

Thanks to the team at Qibla travel both here and in Saudi Arabia, me and my family had the best time; we all loved the service and our Umrah went well.

The hotel service was excellent thanks to the recommandation of Mr Khan as well as the pick up and drop off service of the airport.

Everything went smoothly and the service given by Qibla travel is 5 Stars

I cannot thank Qibla travel and Mr Khan enough for making mine and my family's experience a memorable one. Inshallah plan to book Hajj and Umrah in future with them.

Thank you Mr Khan and Qibla travel, keep up the hard work!!

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Hayz IB

The service in Saudi Arabia was brilliant. Hotels were located nearby, they were clean and staff was very understanding. They pick you up from the airport in big cars, perfect for travel. The drivers are always friendly and will stop if needed to purchase something. There were no problems at all. Will definitely recommend to anyone thinking of going umrah or HAJJ!

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Saher Osman
Very satisfied with the accommodation and food during the whole trip

Jazak Allah Khair for your efforts, which were genuine i believe. I was generally very satisfied with the accommodation and food during the whole trip. I appreciated the extra efforts you made such as providing sleeping bags in Muzdalifa and ensuring we received a bed in Hilton Madinah.
If i was to provide constructive criticism I would suggest that means of communication be improved within the group as there was some confusion at critical points which proved very frustrating at the most testing of times.
I hope you do not take this offensively in any way. Perhaps it was because there was no guidance in the women's camp this year.

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