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Umrah is Arabic word which means visit of Khana Kaabah or Bayt Ullah. Bayt Ullah is the sacred house of ALLAH. It is the uncompelled obligation in Islam to perform at least once in life. Its basic purpose is to worship ALLAH by performing Tawaaf of Khana Kaabah and Sa'i between mount Safa and Marwah. It is necessary for us to cut hair for Umrah. People perform Umrah and choose different kinds of ways to go; sometimes they get the convenient way and pay for it while sometimes they pay extra unwillingly. Because a majority of them don’t know about the packages offered by different travel companies to them. Qibla Travels is also one of the best companies who is providing cheap Umrah packages and Hajj packages to clients. We are here to assist you with everything that you need and required to for your cheapest Umrah packages. There are three different kinds of packages available at our website. You can choose just according to your requirement.

Hajj and Umrah are of great worth in Islam and are the blessed obligations that most of the Muslims desire to perform. Hajj is obligatory to do once in a lifetime by every Muslim who has the capability as well as monetary resources to bear the cost to perform Hajj.

You are capable of reserving your Umrah package from this website having a small booking fee for either Hajj or Umrah or maybe trying to travel in Ramadan you may also reserve Ramadan packages. Typically the most popular Luxury Umrah Packages in the UK and Cheapest Hajj Packages UK stretches from two to four days. The cost of packages comprises the price of airfare tickets, the price of reservation hotel for stay as well as the control of journey that is specified within the hotels

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